Freight Forwarding:
From great partnerships and know-how acquired through years of experience on the international scenario, Air Seas plays a great role for their clients in international freight forwarding, with partners in key spots around the world and in Brazil; it also has its own base of 300m² in Miami.

– Import and Export.
– Single or consolidated shipment.

Ocean Transport:
– Import and Export.
– Shipments FCL and LCL (DGR/CGR)

Customs Clearance:

– Previous Analysis of Costs and Operations.
– Shipping and Customs Clearance
– Registration of Import Declaration (DI)
– Import License
– International Insurance.

– Previous Analysis of Costs and Operations.
– Shipping and Customs Clearance
– Export Registration (RE), Export Declaration (DDE/DSE)
– Certificate of origin
– International Insurance.

Special Schemes:
– Drawback
– Temporary Admission
– Temporary Export
– Aircraft Nationalization
– Customs Warehouse
– Recof
– Blue Line

Road Transport:
Along with our great partnerships acquired through years of experience and working together, we are able to instruct and coordinate road transport for our clients with national and international coverage, quality, safety and punctuality guaranteed.
We also perform the entire operation of Special Customs Transit – DTA, conveying all safety, agility, and quality to the client.

Advisory and Consultancy Customs:
Through the extensive experience of its team, counting on qualified and specialized consultants in business development in foreign trade, we offer specialized solutions that cater to the needs of each client in a particular way.

– Documentation
– Analysis
– Rate Classification
– Tariff Classification – NCM
– Commercial Invoices, packing – list, special certificates, consular adjustments
– Exchange advice
– Special and Atypical Processes
– Legal Aid with Ministries
– Legal Assistance Cotepe Act
– Legal Assistance RADAR
– Control of Documentation

International Business
With the increasing participation of Brazil in the international market and its recognition as a major emerging agent in the international scenario, so leading to an increase search by domestic enterprises for opportunities for expansion and penetration into the international market through the development of new partners, Air Seas offers its clients complete solutions in import, export and international market.

Import/Export Company
Through international network, partnerships and experiences acquired for years in the market, we are able to perform consolidated import / export, optimizing costs for small businesses

Development of Suppliers
Through international network and partnership around the world, we are able to assist new exporters with the development of suppliers outside the country and internationalization of their products.

Development of Exporters
Through experience gained over more than 20 years in this business, we are able to develop new exporters from structuring costs for export to the first steps on internationalization of products and the search for foreign buyers.

The development of successful operations in foreign trade not only part of hiring a good agent and freight forwarder, the success of these operations comes from the qualification of the operating company in the international market. Aware of this need the Air Seas offers particular solutions for the training and knowledge of the Brazilian foreign trade, its operations and needs.

Importers/Exporters Training
Training aimed at teams of companies already active in the international market for a greater understanding and updating of international trade operations.

Training for Logistics Structure
Training aimed at teams of companies already active in the international market in order to develop advanced skills in international logistics structure seeking to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Training for new importers and exporters
Training aimed at new entrants in the international market, in order to introduce basic concepts of international negotiations, operations and bureaucratic national system.